Ever wanted to teach space but not sure where to start?

We will help you pick things that matter for you from the overload of information.

reach for the stars

Pick from our range of exercises consistent with the ESS, physics, chemistry and biology unit standards that you can use to create a unit you can teach. 

Or simply discuss aspects of space you would like to explore in more detail.

We are MoE-accredited  PLD providers.

our programme for teachers

PLD school visits

We come to your school with our equipment and work with you and your students to deliver space programmes according to your needs.

Lesson Plan support

We deliver teacher-only training programmes – we discuss your needs and support the delivery of space programmes for your school. 

workshops, seminars & fieldtrip

We organise space workshops and seminars and have the best astrobiology field trip in New Zealand.

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Spaceward Bound started as a professional development programme for teachers that was first developed at NASA Ames. In 2015, we organised NASA Spaceward Bound New Zealand as a teachers PLD programme, that had NASA participation and delivered space knowledge through a Mātauranga Māori programme. 

Hari Mogosanu

Hari is a TEDx-featured astrobiologist and space sciences educator who interned at NASA Ames and trained for Mars as an analog astronaut ( the photo above is Hari at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah)

Sam Leske

Sam is a space science educator, former pilot and intelligence professional who is now pursuing his passion for astrophysics and stars.